Mid-Atlantic SMART Board Users Conference

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Beginning Smart Board 10 Training file that teachers can use to learn how to use Notebook. It also information on adding pictures, animations, and movies. There are examples of interactive ways to use...
08-21-2008 1,568 Download
File Size 13MB
These lessons will allow you to see snippets of lessons gathered on the internet from educators to use with the SMART Board. Think about how you could use these notebook pages in your classroom!
08-20-2009 92 Download
File Size 22.7MB
More information on Smartboard Menus
09-20-2008 71 Download
File Size 9.3MB
Attached is a Notebook file on how to use RSS to know when new lessons are posted on the SMART Exchange and SMARTBoard Revolution Ning. There are also shared tips on using Twitter.
08-14-2009 100 Download
File Size 430.7kB
Part 1 of a 4 part series to teach Smartboard Notebook
09-20-2008 117 Download
File Size 8MB
Review of graphing some functions ( for the end of first quarter )
10-30-2008 58 Download
File Size 76.5kB
This Notebook presentation has examples of teachers K-12 sharing their creativity of using the Notebook 10 tools to create interactive lessons for Math, English, Social Studies, and Science.
02-25-2009 487 Download
File Size 6.9MB
This is an introductory lesson to conductors and insulators. It is meant to be followed up by a hands-on experiment.
04-04-2009 28 Download
File Size 735.7kB
This lesson introduces the students to series and parallel circuits. Embedded page recordings help students to visualize what takes place in the circuits.
04-20-2009 43 Download
File Size 953.4kB
This lesson introduces students to electromagnets. Embedded page recordings help students to understand how electromagnets work.
04-20-2009 35 Download
File Size 971.1kB
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